Sexy designs

Beware; girlfriend, wifey or right hand might need "extra attention!"

GPUSKIN NVidia GTX 1080Ti K|NGP|N Gold Edition Prototype

The EVGA GTX 1080Ti Kinpin Edition deserves more enlightment as there are only 3000 made confirmed by Vince Lucido the creator of the cards himself. Soon it will hit the 24K mark up to its maximum.

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GPUSKIN NVidia Titan V Carbon Edition Prototype

The Titan V is plain gold and boring, it was the "most powerful card ever created" not so much anymore, so we decided to put a carbon skin on it to make it look stronger.

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GPUSKIN NVidia Titan V Raven Edition

On this Titan V we experimented with merging images with beautiful color shemes onto a plain card, it worked out well and exceeded our expectations.

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GPUSKIN NVidia Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080Ti Winter Camo Edition

The original Graphics card had orange and silver as colorsheme, it did not make the RGB of the card shine out so well, so we decided to bring out the best to enhance the RGB build into the graphics card and made it slightly more brutal.

#GPUSKIN Stock version on amazon

GPUSKIN AMD VEGA Frontier Yellow Camo Edition

This is the card where GPUSKIN's came to existence the card was created in early 2017. It was our first card we wrapped, it had a "professional blue" look and it was simply not looking better than a blue brick. So we were bored and tried to make the best out of it, but still, this may need a redo in the future.

#GPUSKIN Stock version on amazon