Meet GPUSKIN, An up and coming startup launched during the covid pandemic in 2020, somewhere in a remote corner of the world. Promising to revolutionize PC building and gaming. You might not be able to go out and get advice on the perfect system these days, but we sure as hell can bring that advice to you!

GPUSKIN is comprised of a two man army; consisting of Rory, a fairly popular ex YouTuber under the name Buriedone with a channel focussed on the technical details regarding GPU's and Cryptocurrencies and Rin, the in house web developer active in web development since 2000. Our core business consists of completely customized, one-off computer products, made with the greatest care by artists using only the best materials.

GPUSKIN also offers tools, free to use to compare GPU's as well as CPU's over multiple metrics so you always find exactly the information you need for your next computer build or upgrade. We even match multiple components so one does not bottleneck the other if you are going the budget route. We provide a large database with technical data, benchmarks and requirements. Alongside that database we offer direct comparisons between GPU's and CPU's, charts, daily bargains and much, much more. When you are done comparing you can order directly on Amazon via our website or you can use this data to order through your own favorite reseller.

We are currently updating our website with more products, and new services so make sure to come back and check it out frequently. Prices and stock availability are updated on a 24-hour basis.

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